Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Eight Days: A Week

It's now been eight days since I started this blog (although since I'm writing this at a minute before midnight, it's just about to be nine days, but that would have made for a lousy title). Anyway, to mark the fact that this blog's already lasted a week longer than I expected, I thought I'd take a break from the usual unbearable lightness of meme-ing, and instead cast an eye back over the week (don't worry, I'll be back to my usual meme-addition tomorrow, which is now today as it's now six minutes past midnight; although it might still be tomorrow for you, so forget I mentioned it).

First of all, thanks beyond all measure go to A Blog In The Rough for all of her help in getting me started (I suspect she now knows how Victor Von Frankenstein must have felt), as well as for publicising this blog on her blog today , along with making this one of the best-carpeted blogs around (many no doubt come here just for the decor). Also, many thanks to those who have commented, especially to The Bumbles for pointing me towards a new meme, as well as to any lurkers out there, and also to anyone who's following the blog.

Surprisingly, the main obstacle to my blogging over the first week wasn't my natural laziness, but my laptop which died on me while I was in the middle of doing Sunday's meme. Actually it was a work laptop, which I'm still waiting for them to replace. Faced with the sad prospect of days without a laptop (akin to losing an arm, or maybe even television), I ended up impulsively deciding to buy myself a shiny new one (I briefly worried, having read recent meme answers, that with the current economical climate, some of you might hate me for my extravagance and were probably heading over now with your burning torches or your tar and feathers, but then I realised, hey, it's not as if they'll be able to afford the travel costs).

Anyway, I bought a new laptop last night (does everyone else get completely ignored by salespeople when they actually want to buy something, but otherwise can't avoid them; or is it just me?), spent ages waiting for Vista to set itself up and then had fun twice trying and failing to burn a recovery disc. Still, it was all worthwhile, I figured, as I finally plugged in my mobile broadband and prepared to get on the internet. Then, as soon as I got on, Vista and the virus scan software decided to download hundreds of megabytes of updates, so I'm now near my download limit for the month, and have to watch my internet usage like a hawk for the next two weeks, since the prices get ridiculously extortionate should I exceed the limit (looking at the small print, I believe they're entitled to your soul).

Still, hopefully I'll be going through less than one laptop a week for the rest of my blogging career. Also, on the plus side, on my way home today I spotted and picked up a discounted copy of Blogging for Dummies, so when I've read that I'll hopefully be a fully-fledged blogger (or failing that, a fully-fledged dummy).


Queen-Size funny bone said...

I always found if I am just window shopping they are on me like a bee to honey. If I am on a mission to actually buy something I can never get any help.

An Eerie Tapestry said...

Phew, that's a relief. I was afraid it was just me (I also get a similarly invisibility effect when trying to buy drinks at a crowded bar). Anyway, many thanks for commenting.

Through Thick and Thin said...

welcome to blog-land. we're glad to have you!

A Blog In The Rough said...

happens to me all the time!

The Bumbles said...

I too am invisible to bartenders! Which is way more annoying than being invisible to sales clerks.

Keep up the good work with your blog.

An Eerie Tapestry said...

Thanks for the kind words, Through Thick and Thin, and thanks to A Blog In The Rough and The Bumbles for the reassurance that I'm not alone in my invisibility.