Sunday, 14 February 2010

A Happy Award!

I realise others have awarded me awards and I've yet to acknowledge them here, but jumping the queue is my wonderful girlfriend Lynette at A Blog In The Rough who awarded me this cool Happy Award last Monday.

Here are the suggestions

1. Link to the blogger who gave you the award on your post...

2. Write 10 things that make you happy...

3. Share it with at least 10 friends...Have fun!

Ten Things That Make Me Happy

1. Pizzas. They're brilliant. They're like The Transformers of fast food, totally customisable so you can never get bored with them. Even turtles love them.

2. Television. A constant companion throughout my life. It once broke down for a week and it was like losing my right arm (though I'm possibly understating the devastation and trauma involved).

3. Sleep, which I like more than anything in the world when the alarm clock's going and I have to get up for work.

4. Kebab calzones - a lethal cholesterol cocktail of a kebab wrapped in a pizza that I sadly only ever encounter in one fast food emporium in Manchester. For a while I thought that the decline and fall of the Roman and Greek empires was totally justified if it had eventually led to the culinary pinnacle of their foods merging in this way, but then I discovered donner kebab was Turkish so there went that theory.

5. Family. They're way cool.

6. Friends. Like family but, yay, you get to pick them.

7. Seaside. Coming from a seaside town, I very rarely venture anywhere near the seaside, but once I found myself alone in a faraway desolate land, where no life roamed and days dragged out for months (yes, for those familiar with it, I'm talking about Morecambe) and I found I really liked the seaside there because it reminded me of my hometown.

8. The Internet. I seem to spend way too much time on the internet, but that's because I like it so much. There's always something happening on it, 24/7, and it's full of useful and useless information. Plus, you get to type out your stream-of-consciousness meanderings and people throughout the world will read them, how neat is that? Also, without the internet, and the people I've met on it, I'm sure my life wouldn't be anywhere near as happy.

9. Vimto - my favourite drink of all time.

10. Saving the best for last, my girlfriend Lynette, who makes me happy in so many ways, on so many days, and just thinking about her can bring a smile to my face. If I had a happiness dial, then she'd be the one who made me realise it went all the way up to eleven.

Since I'm way too lazy to come up with ten people to bestow this award on (and also I fear them bestowing awards back, putting me even further behind with my awards acknowledgement), I'll leave them up for grabs for anyone reading this who wants to claim them.


Thom said...

Congrats on the award. I love your number 10. That was so sweet and on Valentine's Day to boot. Which I hope you have a good one. I love also your 1 and 2. I'm so with ya on those. Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Jodi said...

Congrats on the award.

2 things that make me happy about your post.

1) How people from Great Britain say "brilliant".

2) Your #10. That was SO sweet what you said about Lynette.

A Blog In The Rough said...

You're so cute :) Thanks for making me your #10.

The Plastic Mancunian said...

Marky Mark,

Pizza? Transformers? Have you been eating that dodgy cheese again?

The internet? If you spend so much time on there, why didn't we win the quiz last Tuesday? And why did you balls it up for us the time before?

Vimto? What about Lager and Lime? Shall we buy you Vimto at the pub next time? Actually, have you thought of trying Lager and Vimto? Or perhaps Vimto and Lime?

Enough with the questions I think.