Monday, 14 February 2011

Monday Movie Meme: Show Me The Money

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This week Molly and Andy at the Bumbles Blog are asking all about movies that focus on money, so here's my pick:

  • Greed (1924) - Silent film about the perils of winning the lottery, where things just get worse and worse for the characters. Terrific fun in a Schadenfreude sort of way.

  • The Producers (1968) - The funniest movie about creative accounting ever.

  • The Magic Christian (1969) - Peter Sellers tries to show Ringo Starr that anyone and anything can be bought with money in weird '60s comedy.

  • Take The Money And Run (1969) - Not a lot to do with money, apart from mentioning it in the title, but it's a great Woody Allen film about an inept bank robber.

  • The Heist (1971) - Originally called just $, the first half of the money is about Warren Beatty stealing money, the second half is him being chased for it.

  • Trespass (2006) - Two firemen find a treasure map and end up upsetting Ice-T in a film written by the Back To The Future team of Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale.


Kwizgiver said...

I haven't heard of most of your films. I am familiar with The Heist and The Producers. I'll have to look into your other nods.

Forgetfulone said...

Ah, yes, The Producers! Definitely! I haven't heard of the rest, but I'll have to check them out except maybe not the silent film. I like to listen as much as I like to watch! LOL

The Gal Herself said...

"The funniest movie about creative accounting ever." True, but The Producers is just one of the funniest movies, period. An inspired choice!

Amy said...

Your list is fantastic! Definitely the best I've seen. When it comes to film, Take the Money and Run and The Producers are 2 of the best I think. Heist and The Magic Christian are terrific choices for this week's theme.

Awesome post!

The Bumbles said...

The Producers - of course! I am intrigued by your silent film selection - I always appreciate harking back to the oldies.