Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Monday Movie Meme

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This week Molly and Andy at the Bumbles Blog are asking all about eye candy in the movies, so here's my pick:

Teri Hatcher - The Big Picture - 1989 (it's clear from the film that's she there purely as eye candy, but at least it's done in a satirical way, being filmed in the manner of a '80s video)

Salma Hayek - From Dusk Till Dawn - 1996 (Salma also dances provocatively in both Four Rooms and Dogma, but she does it best here)

Denise Richards - Wild Things - 1998 (I looked up eye candy in my dictionary, and lo and behold there was a picture of Denise Richards there)

Liv Tyler - One Night At McCool's - 2001 (with an update on the car wash scene from Cool Hand Luke)

Monica Bellucci - The Matrix Reloaded - 2003 (Mamma mia!)

Malin Ackerman - Watchmen - 2009 (surprisingly she makes more of an impact in her costume, than out of it during the sex scene; then again I was watching it at an Imax cinema and while I innocently thought that would make the nudity better, it just made it seem weird at that size - like I was watching porn made for giants.


The Gal Herself said...

Thank you! I couldn't remember Wild Things for the life of me! We were talking about Denise Richards and how she doesn't make movies anymore -- just reality TV. (From this Gal's perspective, Kevin Bacon was definitely on display as eye candy in that one.)

The Bumbles said...

Good one with Salma - loved her in Dogma too. Too funny your comments on Porn for Giants - sounds like a good name for a band.

An Eerie Tapestry said...

The Gal Herself - Glad to jog your memory. I didn't realise that Denise was doing reality TV now (there's only a tiny amount of American reality TV that makes its way here to the UK). Surprised you went for Kevin Bacon, since I thought Matt Dillon was the more obvious choice (I almost threw in a Sarah Silverman-esque "I'm £%&!ing Matt Dillon" joke into my original post but thought better of it), but I'm a guy so what do I know.

The Bumbles - Yeah, that's a great name for a band. Sort of what would happen if you crossed the bands Porno For Pyros and They Might Be Giants.