Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Tuesday Tunes

It's St. Patrick's Day, so over at The Music Memoirs they're asking us to tell them our favorite Irish Band/Album/Song and why we like them, so here goes:

Band: The Divine Comedy - Just picked them because they're one of my favourite bands (albeit pretty much of a one man band), writing quirky, intelligent and funny songs. Their music isn't particularly Irish sounding (I can only recall one of their tracks actually relating to Ireland) although they did provide the theme tune for the Irish-set sitcom Father Ted.

Album: Casanova - The Divine Comedy - Chosen because The Divine Comedy's the only Irish act I can think of that I actually own an album by. Admittedly, the music's not at all Irish-sounding, but I suspect if I chose my favourite UK or American album they wouldn't necessarily represent their country of origin particularly either. If not a Divine Comedy album then I would have chosen a U2 album that a housemate kept playing over and over again while I was at university, but I can't remember its name.

Song: A tough one. Almost went for U2's "Sunday Bloody Sunday" or the Boomtown Rats' "I Don't Like Mondays", and The Undertones' "Teenage Kicks" was also in with a chance, but I've finally settled on The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl's "Fairytale of New York".


Lindsey said...

I failed to mention U2 on mine, and I really do enjoy them, along with The Pogues. I'll have to check out The Divine Comedy; your post has me keenly interested ;)

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Its been a long time since I heard Divine Comedy. I had an album or two by them...I think :)

A Blog In The Rough said...

woohoo U2!

An Eerie Tapestry said...

Thanks for the comments.

Lindsey - The Divine Comedy are definitely worth checking out. You can find one of their songs on the playlist near the bottom of the left hand column.

A Blog In The Rough - Four syllables and all of them rhyme. That's impressive.