Monday, 4 May 2009

Monday Movie Meme

Feature Presentation...


This week Molly and Andy at the Bumbles Blog are asking all about movies featuring animals, so here's my pick:

King Kong (a large gorilla)

Dumbo (a mouse, five crows, and elephants of both grey and pink varieties)

Doctor Dolittle (everything from cockatoos and chimpanzees to pushmepullyous and lunar moths)

Babe (pigs, duck, sheep, dogs)

Cats & Dogs (cats and dogs)

Good Boy (a dog from outer space, way better than Disney's The Cat From Outer Space)


The Bumbles said...

Awww - Dumbo! How could I have forgotten about one of my favorite elephants???? Dr. Doolittle is a good menagerie choice.

PennyLane said...

I love Dumbo :)

Anonymous said...

I love Dumbo and Babe. :)