Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Tuesday Tunes: Music and Travel

Over at The Music Memoirs they're asking about music and travel:

What music format do you take when you roadtrip and why? (CD, mp3 etc)

I don't roadtrip that often, since I don't drive, and if someone else is driving I tend to get stuck listening to whatever they're listening to. If I'm commuting, which I do a lot of the time, I listen to mp3s just because that way I can have all my music with me.

Do you ever make special mixes or playlists just for your trip?

No, I use Shuffle, it tends to be more of a surprise that way, and arguably a better choice of music.

Have you ever associated a certain album or band with a trip you made?

Not really; it tends to be certain individual songs more than albums or bands that I associate with trips.


PennyLane said...

I love Shuffle!
I tend to use that while at work everyday. Some people get anxious about shuffle :)

PennyLane said...
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Thom said...

I use shuffle as well. Happy Cinco De Mayo and Happy Boy's Day