Saturday, 2 May 2009

Saturday 9: Settling the Score

Here's my answers to this week's questions from the Saturday 9 Meme:

1. Do you feel that you have “a score to settle” with anyone?


2. Do you own anything that you think is unbreakable?

The DVD of Unbreakable comes to mind.

3. Tell us about a crazy thing you did in high school.

I don't think I did any crazy things, more nerdy things (I had the square root of ten, well both square roots of ten for that matter, written on my bag to the seven decimal places that my Casio fx-31 calculator would give). I think I saved all my crazy things for university.

4. Name the one talent of yours that you think is the best.

I'm quite impressive at recalling trivia, which has proved useful in pub quizzes in the past.

5. Who wins American Idol? (if you don’t watch, tell us about a reality show that you do follow.)

Adam seems the obvious choice. Failing that Danny (he doesn't seem as original or talented as Adam, but he does seem more traditional and likeable which could snare him enough votes).

6. What is your favorite movie in black & white?

It's A Wonderful Life

7. What is one thing advertised too much on TV?

The BBC are always putting on low definition adverts for High Definition channels, which seems a bit pointless.

8. What is your current favorite TV drama?

Probably Doctor Who, although it's not on much this year.

9. What is your current favorite TV comedy?

Flight of the Conchords


Improbable Joe said...

You're a Brit or Limey or Frog or whatever the hell Europe "people" are... WTF with the Doctor Who?

Paula said...

I enjoyed the answers even though I didn't know the shows.

I am Harriet said...

It's a Wonderful Life. Total classic. Great choice.

shopannies said...

love its a wonderful life as well but there are so many that have been colorized so I have rarely seen this one in black and white

NurseExec said...

We're catching up on past seasons of Doctor Who on DVD--I'm liking it!

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

I love Dr. Who. When the heck is the BBC going to do a new episode? They better watch out or I might lose my temper!

Rikki said...

There are two square roots of ten? I hd no clue. And you still remember what calculator you used? I'm impressed! Really!

Cris said...

# 7 -- Hilarious and so true.

An Eerie Tapestry said...

Thanks for the comments.

Improbable Joe - I think Doctor Who's pretty much a compulsory answer for us Brits/Limeys (although we prefer the concatenated term Britmeys these days). As for Frogs, I fear you're getting confused between Europeans and Muppets, an easy mistake to make.

Paula - Thanks. There's lots of shows I've come across reading other people's answers that I've not known either.

I am Harriet - Yeah, a bit of a no-brainer, that one.

shopannies - Colourisation was pretty much sneered at by the UK, so I've never seen a colorized version of It's A Wonderful Life. Reading your comment, and Bud's pick of Casablanca over at the WTIT Blog, reminds me of that throwaway joke in Gremlins 2 were the network was showing "Casablanca, now in color with new improved happy ending!"

NurseExec - Glad you like it (the quality can be a bit up and down, but when it's good, it's very good).

Bud Weiser - Well, they did a new episode a few weeks ago over here. Having said that, they're only doing a few specials this year (I don't think they took your temper into account), but then it's back for a full season next year (well, a UK season which only lasts the length of an actual season, rather than half a year like a US season) with the funniest writer in the world in charge of it (present company excepted).

Rikki - The two square roots of ten are (approximately, as my calculator used to tell me) 3.1622776 and -3.1622776. Most numbers have two square roots (zero being the exception)and I remember ranting about this discrimination against negative numbers once before in a Thursday 13 about numbers.

Cris - Thanks for stopping by.

Arlene said...

Hello, dropping by here to read your answers. :)
Happy week0-end!