Monday, 20 April 2009

Fan Award

My friend over at A Blog In The Rough has kindly given me the above award, so a big thank you to her. Also, since she says I should feel free to grab my award and dub other cool blogs too, here's some more I'd like to forward it to:

The Bumbles Blog
Duck life (I know how accident prone you are, Tilli, so please don't put your fingers anywhere near the fan - oops, tempting fate again)
Mimi Writes.......

I would forward it to some others I follow, but they've already got them, and I wouldn't want them to freeze with all those fans around.


Tilli said...

Congratulations! And thank you! That's so very sweet, I totally am a fan of your blog also, aww, now I have warm fuzzy 'Tilli, you are useful' feeling, thank you =)


The Bumbles said...

Oooo - just in time for the super hot temperatures we've got heading in to Boston for the weekend! Thanks - and congrats to you :0)