Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Tuesday Tunes: Soundtracks

Over at The Music Memoirs they're asking the following soundtrack-related questions:

More and more TV shows are getting soundtracks these days. Do you own any or have any on your wish lists?

I own a few - Thirtysomething, Twin Peaks, Moonlighting, The Wonder Years, Buffy (at least three different ones for that), Angel, Xena (the one with the Ballad of Joxer The Mighty on it), Smallville, possibly some others I can't remember.

Have you ever discovered a song or artist because it was on a tv show?

Well, to be pedantic quite a few of my favourite artists (Suzanne Vega, Tori Amos, They Might Be Giants) I first came across on music TV shows, and The Rutles was a TV show. In the realms of teledrama, The Rascals' "Good Lovin'" I first came across on an episode of Magnum PI; I discovered the song "Cry Like A Rainstorm" by Linda Ronstadt because it was on an episode of Thirtysomething (unfortunately the version on the show, by Susannah Hoffs, I liked a lot better); I also discovered Rickie Lee Jones's "It Must Be Love" (great song) because it was on the Thirtysomething soundtrack album. More recently I discovered Kim Richey's "Home" (another great song) plus Darling Violetta thanks to Angel.

What TV do you wish had a soundtrack but doesn't just yet.

None in particular, though there are quite a few theme tunes I wouldn't mind seeing collected that I can't seem to find anywhere (most of all, Kirsty MacCool's theme tune to an old UK show called Dream Stuffing; a terrific tune that made me want to seek out her music in the first place).


Tilli said...

I love all the Buffy music, haven't yet really delved into the Angel masses, but the stuff I remember from the show is all beloved, I discovered Darling Violetta from their doing the theme for Angel, TV's certainly a major source of music for me. Have a lovely day =)

PennyLane said...

The Wonder Years! Great answer!

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Buffy and Angel!! AHHHHHH