Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Wednesday Media Mix

Here's a meme from over at My Digital Ghost.

[Listen] If you listen to podcasts, what are you current favorites?

I listen to a few. My current favourites are iFanboy which is just a bunch of guys reviewing each week's comic books, and Timeghost (a comedy arts review podcast by the UK comedy double act of Armstrong and Miller, which sadly finished at the end of last year, but I'm so lax in syncing my iPod that I only listened to the last episode recently). I also enjoy Mitch Benn's podcast with its comedy songs, but it's a bit infrequent.

[Watch] What decade to most of your favorite movies come from? You can even narrow this down by year if appropriate.

Most of my favourite films are from the Eighties, but that might be because I was watching lots of movies then (there was a film society while I was at university, and then when I started work there was a tiny cinema just round the corner from me).

[Read] What’s the most depressing book you’ve read? The most uplifting? And if you want, explain why.

A lot of Iain M. Banks's Against A Dark Background is a great read, but from what I remember the ending was quite depressing. As for the most uplifting, I'd probably go for Peter David's Imzadi (a heap of fun and a heartwarming ending).

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