Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Tuesday Tunes: Rainy Day Music

Over at The Music Memoirs they're asking the following rain-related questions:

You wake up and its pouring down rain, what music do you listen to to lift your mood?

Well, rain in itself I don't find particularly depressing, but if I was looking for something to lift my mood I guess I'd go for something uptempo - They Might Be Giants' "Someone Keeps Moving My Chair" is relentlessly bouncy so that might work, or maybe The Boo Radleys' "Wake Up Boo!" which might actually manage to wake me up fully.

What's your favorite "Rain" themed song?

It Might As Well Rain Until September - Carole King

What song best suits a "thunder storm?"

I've no idea. There's an orchestal track called "The Storm" by Jim Steinman on his Bad To Good album, but he also recycles it as "The Opening Of The Box" for his Pandora's Box album, so I guess it's not that specifically storm-related. There's also some songs from ELO's Out Of The Blue album, making up the "Concerto for a Rainy Day" (the most famous being Mr. Blue Sky), but that's a collection of songs, rather than a single one. Let's go for Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen which has the bombast of a storm, not to mention thunderbolts and lightning, very, very frightening.


Tilli said...

Oh my, Wake Up Boo makes me go insane. Never listen to it while drinking hot Ribena. Mum's ornamental swans never recovered...

Anonymous said...

Wake Up Boo .. now that i gotta listen to!