Saturday, 20 June 2009

Saturday 9: Never Say Never Again

Here's my answers to this week's questions from the Saturday 9 Meme:

1. Do you like James Bond films? If yes, what’s your favorite?

Yes. My favourite's probably Goldeneye (although any with Gold in the title work for me).

2. Are you daring enough to go snorkeling in the water fountain at the mall?

Is 'daring' really the right word? Anyway, the answer's no.

3. Do you sometimes hate everything and everyone around you?


4. Do you secretly or openly believe the world revolves around you?

I believe I'm fairly open about it.

5. Would you rather buy a moped or a Harley Davidson?

A moped, since I'd have less chance of killing myself on it than a Harley.

6. Do you water ski or ice ski?

I briefly water-skied on holiday as a youngster until gravity decided to intervene. If you mean snow ski, rather than ice ski, then I briefly dallied with it on a school ski trip as a teenager.

7. Tell us about the last time that you tailgated.

As a pedestrian, such delights are beyond me.

8. What was the last concert that you attended?

That would be a Rockbitch concert I was dragged along to.

9. What’s the most exotic food that you’ve ate?

Nothing that exotic. I once had crocodile, but it didn't taste particularly exotic.


Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

LMAO on "I believe I'm fairly open about it." Too much! have a great day...

Anonymous said...

Great response to #4 Have a great Saturday :)

Amanda Guthrie said...

I don't think I would have the courage to eat Croc, liked your answers.

A Blog In The Rough said...

poor you, never tailgated before, *sigh*