Thursday, 11 June 2009

Wednesday Media Mix

Here's a meme from over at My Digital Ghost.

[Listen] What are some of your favorite film soundtracks?

Beauty and the Beast, The Blues Brothers, The Little Mermaid, Little Shop of Horrors, A Mighty Wind, A Nightmare Before Christmas, Something Wild, Terms of Endearment

[Watch] Did you see the TONY awards? Had you seen any Broadway shows over the past year (or shows that began on Broadway but traveled to other cities)?

No. No.

[Read] In what ways has technology hindered your reading/writing styles, and in what ways has it enhanced them?

I'm not sure it's changed my reading style at all, although it's now a lot easier to get the books I want by ordering them online, and I've a lot less time to read them because of all the time I spend online.

As for writing, word processing applications just make it a lot easier to do, and more importantly edit, than it was in the past.


Anonymous said...

Great answers...I think your last one is such the truth nowdays :)

PennyLane said...

I love Beauty and the Beast and Nightmare Before Christmas.
I also love Dirty Dancing :) It's a ton of 50's and 60's hits.