Sunday, 7 June 2009

Sunday Stealing: The Hate Meme

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1. Most hated food: Brussel sprouts.

2. Most hated person: I don't hate anyone.

3. Most hated job: Don't particularly hate any job (only ever had one myself).

4. Most hated city: Nope, don't particularly hate any locations.

5. Most hated band: Don't think I hate any bands (check back when they do the Apathy Meme and I'll be full of answers). Oh, wait, let's go for Showaddywaddy which my younger sister loved so I kept getting dragged along to their concerts (also, being an annoying brother, I always felt obliged to hate any music she liked).

6. Most hated (non-blog) website: Ones that don't turn up when I click on them in google.

7. Most hated TV program: There was a sci-fi TV series Time Slip that petrified me as a kid when this woman aged prematurely and her face went all cracked, so I used to go and sit on the stairs when it was on. Wouldn't say I actually hated it, but it's a slightly better answer than saying I don't hate any TV programs.

8. Most hated politician: Adolf Hitler

9. Most hated artist: Me. If you saw a drawing by me, I'm sure you'd side with me.

10. Most hated book: Hate's possibly too strong a word, but that would be my novel, just because it's been taking up so much of my time with editing it recently. Also, for other reasons, it's my most beloved book. Go figure.

11. Most hated shop or store: Well, there's a Subway in the Manchester Arndale I don't go to anymore because I saw the manager being really nasty to one of the staff.

12. Most hated organization: SPECTRE

13. Most hated historical event: There was an IRA bomb that went off in the middle of Manchester in 1996 causing widespread damage. Call me petty, but it meant I was without a comic book shop to go to as a result. I also had a friend there, unhurt, who I later found out was fairly traumatised by the event.

14. Most hated sport: Hate all sports equally.

15. Most hated technology: My mobile broadband, which always seem to be dropping its connection to the internet.

16. Most hated annual event: Used to be New Year, where it always seemed nothing had changed in my life since last year, beyond my growing older and wider. Actually looking forward to it this year.

17. Most hated daily task: Not a big fan of having to get up for work.

18. Most hated comedian: Unfunny ones.

19. Most hated blog: Don't hate any blogs of the ones I've checked out.

20. Most hated song: Not got a most hated song. I actually used to collect really bad records as a teen (no doubt to karmically balance my sister collecting really good records).


NurseExec said...

Great answers! Have a great Sunday :)

PennyLane said...

Glad you are back!

Anonymous said...

My answers were like yours. More dislikes than hate. Great answers. Happy Sunday

Rikki said...

Can't be bothered doing this (are people so full of hatred?), but I would have agreed with you on some, esp. 14. And Brussel's sprouts are pretty bad. No. 10, huh? I know how you feel, ;-). Happy Sunday!

The Bumbles said...

You sound like a true author with that love/hate relationship going on with your creation. Share more of it with us!

A Blog In The Rough said...

Awww, but I LOVE your book! Now my half assed wannabe book, that's another thing.