Friday, 5 June 2009

Top 5 On Friday

Over at The Music Memoirs they ask for the top 5 albums that make the weekend better, so here goes:

1. Casanova by The Divine Comedy - to be honest the weekend's pretty good on its own without resorting to musical stimuli, and there are a ridiculous number of albums I could choose between, so let's go for weekend-related ones because otherwise I'd just bore you with the albums I usually mention. Anyway, I went for this one purely because it's a great album and it also appropriately enough contains the song Something for the Weekend.

2. The Cure Greatest Hits - Contains the brilliance that is Lovecats. Sadly YouTube won't let me see the video in this country, so apologies if the link doesn't work or you're similarly restricted; YouTube should be above regional-encoding if only for the sake of us bloggers. Also, even if you can't see it, it could be worse; I was recently going through the songs on my iPod putting together a playlist, chose Lovecats, but then discovered to my horror that I'd clicked on the Paul Anka version (which I thankfully couldn't find a YouTube link for). Another song from the album, and also on the same playlist as it happens, and more in tune with the weekend theme is Friday I'm In Love.

3. Saturday Night Fever Original Soundtrack - I can't say I've ever owned this, but it seemed to fit the bill. Having said that, while the Night Fever part is more than amply represented in the songs, I suspect that none of them might actually contain the word Saturday.

4. Saturday Morning: Cartoons' Greatest Hits by Various - A great collection of Saturday morning cartoon cover versions (such as The Ramones' Spider-Man and Matthew Sweet's Scooby Doo), although in the UK most of the cartoons were shown at weekdays.

5. War by U2 - Great album but chosen by me purely for the weekend connection of Sunday Bloody Sunday.


The Mistress of the Dark said...

Casanova is an awesome album. Its in my collection but I don't listen to it often enough.

Tilli said...

I can't agree enough with Casanova, Greatest Hits and War, but oh MY gosh, I totally need to listen to this cartoon album, it sounds EPIC. Nice to have you back, glad the editing's over. You absolutely were missed.

Rikki said...

There is a Paul Anka version of the Lovecats? That's frightening. I'm a big The Cure fan, but prefer the not so fun stuff from them. Must check out the album, I wonder what they consider greatest hits.

An Eerie Tapestry said...

Thanks for the comments.

Mistress of the Dark - Agree with you on Casanova's awesomeness.

Tilli - The cartoon album's a bit of a mixed bag.You can find a full track-listing on its Amazon page. If there's any in particular you want to hear, let me know and I can include it in my next 8 track. Glad to be back, missed you too.

Rikki - Yes, Paul Anka recently did an album called "Rock Swings" full of his cover versions of modern songs, also featuring songs like Wonderwall and Smells Like Teen Spirit. As for The Cure, I prefer their fun stuff myself. You can find a full track listing for their greatest hits here

Rikki said...

Thanks for the link. Hm, Forest and Never enough I agree with, but basically this is just their geatest hits, oh, wait a second, that's what it's supposed to be. I'd rather see a "best songs" album, but that would be probably rather subjective...
Paul Anka and Smells like Teen Spirit, man, he's got a cheek, I've got to look for that on Youtube just to torture myself a bit.